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Smart phones with Non removable batteries

(Last Updated On: 12th May 2018)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones with In-Build (Non-Removable) Batteries

There are two reasons for this: Smartphone batteries continually improve, and Smartphone owners prefer to have better-looking phones and more unique features. Smartphone makers seemingly can’t make flagship Smartphone with premium designs and materials while keeping removable batteries as a feature and Smartphone users generally prefer premium designs and materials. For example, Samsung phones used to have plastic backs because they had removable batteries, but they looked ugly, especially compared to the iPhone’s premium design.
One reason for their lacking appeal is that competing Smartphone had better designs and features, like water resistance, which is only possible with a uni-body design.

Lets take a look on pros and cons of In-Build OR Non-Removable battery smart phones


In-build Battery

  1. Most of the Smart Phones with In-Build batteries have external SIM & Memory Card Slot which saves time for opening back cover and battery removing.
  2. Due to Back cover is fixed mobile phone cannot be opened which enhances Body Life .
  3. Mobile is sealed by producer that prevents its interior from entering dust. That helps to keep phone as a new piece for long duration.
  4. Due to proper sealing is possible Smartphones can be made with water resistance feature. Although some mobile companies have introduced such phones. The manufacturer can design more sleek and attractive exterior looks.
  5. Fitting a Smartphone in metal body with a glossy look has become possible
  6. Comparatively In-Build batteries have higher life than removable batteries


  1. Major Disadvantage is, if your mobile phone gets stuck or hang you can’t simply remove your phones battery and reset your phone.
  2. You don’t have option to carry spare battery in case of your phone battery gets drained. You would replace it by a charged battery. To avoid such condition you are supposed to carry a power bank with you.
  3. Accidentally if your mobile phone gets dipped in water you can’t remove battery to avoid short circuit. This may damage your phone.
  4. It will cost you extra bugs for replacing your old battery with a new one, as you have to visit care center.
  5. Mobile Phone companies expects from you to buy a new phone instead if your phone battery gets weak.
Removable Battery

And so, with that, we hope the removable battery rests in peace. It was great once, but we need to get rid of it so our phones don’t have to sacrifice their designs, or water-resistance, for some extra juice.

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